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* sounds of speech - are reactions of our body at the level of nuclei to dimentional changes of space under influence of difference forces;
* all 98 sounds of speech are combined in a Periodic system, representing Common international alphabet for all languages of the world.
* A word - is a carrier of national perception, while syllables and sounds of speech - are international;
* National alphabets - are sets of writing symbols, representing only a part of Common bank of sounds of speech;
* Earth has 10-20 thousands of languages, using only sounds of speech represented in the Common bank;
* Different languages have many similarly pronounced sounds of speech, which also happen to carry same meaning. The way we describe elements of surrounding world doesn't depend on our pertinence to a certain nation, race or beliefs.

The purpose of the site is to stimulate further research on the subject and use of discoveries in practice.
You can learn more about Gain-ulla and his research by getting in contact with his son, Airat Shayhiev.
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