school of Shayhiev

We would start publishing Gain-ulla Shayhiev's works on this site. Periodically we also plan to conduct lessons, referring to the published works of the scientist.
Conductor of "The school of Shayhiev" - researcher in pedagogy, friend and helper of the scientist Mr.Masud-Ghali Khakim.
At the lessons you will be able to learn that:

1. Metalinguistics, that brings the meaning of the sounds of speech into the field of linguistics, is a mathematically precise science;
2. The source of difference of views is not in language, which is only a too, but in the thoughts & different thought-forms;
3. What is a thought-form;
4. There is a theory and laws of thinking through sounds;
5. Integration of sounds of speech, with their individual meaning, forms the meaning of the word;
6. Perception preceeds thinking;
7. Background is a criteria of constant sureness and truthfulness of the perceived;
8. Essence of things, expressed by a name (word), is a part of the Universe's essence itself;
9. Model of the world is a basis of our consciousness, which contains the map of Universe;
10. Thinking reflects the process of uncovering the world misteries etc.

The purpose of the site is to stimulate further research on the subject and use of discoveries in practice.
You can learn more about Gain-ulla and his research by getting in contact with his son, Airat Shayhiev.
Tel./fax. +7 843 5175124

Project initiator and site administrator - Farkhad Fatkullin

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