school of Shayhiev

You can address us any questions regarding sounds of speech and their meaning.
They would be answered by researcher in pedagogy, friend and helper of the scientist Mr.Masud-Ghali Khakim.

- Why a table is called table, and not a book?
- Do you think it would be the same if a table would be called "book", whilst a book would be called "table"?

- What's the difference which word-label be used to identify one thing or the other?
- Yes, there is no difference, if we follow Aristotle, who didn't give importance to sounds of speech.
- No, there is difference, and a table cannot be called "a book", if we follow Plato, who insisted that "sounds and syllables describe natural properties of things".

The purpose of the site is to stimulate further research on the subject and use of discoveries in practice.
You can learn more about Gain-ulla and his research by getting in contact with his son, Airat Shayhiev.
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Project initiator and site administrator - Farkhad Fatkullin

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